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Enable Radius search from theme options. The option allows users to search for a map location. After they select the location, the map changes and shows all listings within a specific radius from that location (if listings exist).

The radius values can be set from theme options: initial radius, min and max radius. On this demo, Radius Search is enabled and shows on Properties List Half Search and Advanced Search Results half map search. It can be disabled by admin.

Chocolate Museums
50 USD /night
Hagia Sophia; Hagia Sophia has an important role in the World of art with its ...
Orient Bosphorus Turkish Night
50 USD /night
First of all you should know that our program will be on boat to the ...
Şirince & Virgin Mary & Epheso Tour
100 USD /night
With its extremely adorable frame houses, patios with full of olive oil trees, Şirince will ...
İzmir City Tour
70 USD /night
In the morning pick – up from your hotel and start your half day city ...
Cappadocia City Tour
80 USD /night
First Day: We will visit Devrent Valley, Zelve Open Air Museum, Monk’s Valley (Pasabagi) where ...
Rize & Ayder Plateu Tour
70 USD /night
Our first stop will be Sürmene which is famous with hand – made knifes, we ...
Uzungol Tour
70 USD /night
After we leave Trabzon city – center, we will have a break at famous Sürmene ...
Sumela Monastery Tour
70 USD /night
Heaving the elevation of .1150 m Sumela Monastery is 47 km far from Trabzon and ...
Bursa Waterfalls and Old Ottoman Village Tour
100 USD /night
The tour starts with visiting famous 600 years – old Historical Tree. It is the ...
Daily İstanbul – Bursa Tour
100 USD /night
We will leave Istanbul in the morning and head to Yalavo by ferry – boat ...
Yalova Thermal Tour
75 USD /night
Yalova is famous with its healing water that cures several physical illness. To get the ...
Sapanca Lake Tour
70 USD /night
Day trip to Masukiye Sapanca and Darica Zoo from Istanbul for the travelers who is ...
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